Our people

The team has the expertise and skills essential to the success of this ambitious worldwide project. They are entrepreneurs and/or highly skilled professionals with proven successful careers in logistics, IT, trade and finance.

We have a multicultural team spread over all continents.

Yves: Chairman, shareholder and mastermind of the project
Brussels (Belgium)

Yves is an entrepreneur in his genes with precious years of experience in international coffee trading. Along his career, he has developed privileged contacts with banks, logistic companies and trade in emerging markets and consuming countries.

Henry: CEO and shareholder
Dubai (UAE)

Henry brings long-standing cross-functional experiences in the commodity supply chain management gained at various multi diversified commodity companies where he spent his entire international career. He has worked for large groups and has an extensive knowledge in corporate finance, risk management and business development.

Patrick: Non-executive Director and shareholder
Kampala (Uganda)

Patrick is based in Uganda. He owns various transportation companies in Eastern Africa and the most exotic environments have no secrets for him. Transportation by land and water is his core activity.

Nele: Non-executive director
Kanegem (Belgium)

Nele has a background in audit of multinational companies and worked 8 years as CFO for a coffee trading company. She has extended knowledge in corporate governance, insurance matters, treasury, financial and risk management.

Philippe: Legal advisor and shareholder
Lasne (Belgium)

Philippe has extensive experiences in commercial and corporate law. He headed the Belgian corporate department of one of the leading law-firms in the world. He supervises all legal matters that our company will face worldwide.

Nicolas: IT engineer
Kampala (Uganda)

Nicolas is our IT engineer with 20+ years of experiences and now based in Kampala after his career in France as project manager and consultant for various projects from initiation phase to production delivery in large but as well small and even start-up companies. He is driven by a passion for innovative projects where his analysis and problem-solving skills can be challenged

Cynthia: Blockchain strategist
(Trinidad de Tobago)

Cynthia is our blockchain strategist and solution architect with over thirty years in the management and support of the delivery of financial software solutions. She is able to craft and automate processes with an acumen for bridging the gap between business requirements and technical solutions.

Karen: Sustainability expert
Bruges (Belgium)

Karen is our CSO, Chief Sustainability Officer. She has 15 years of experience in coffee trading. She has worked and has a large network of exporters, cooperatives and logistic companies. Next to her profound knowledge of Fair Trade and Organic Food matters, sustainability is crucial to her.

Maxim: Communication manager
Brussels (Belgium)

Maxim is Belgian – Congolese and recently graduated from Solvay Business school.