Our solution

In emerging markets, access to finance has always been difficult due to lack of appropriate security. This has caused a huge handicap for economic growth.

Our mission is to boost economic development in those countries by creating trustworthy financing solutions for import and export of goods.

Rental of high security warehouse storage units by container loads for various types of goods and valuable commodities such as cacao, coffee, vanilla, minerals and even vaccines.

We have developped, from strategy to execution, a fully integrated security-driven warehousing system managed by our unique digital ecosystem, allowing for better traceability and trust between stakeholders.

All goods are mandatorily insured “All-Risk” with AAA European Insurance companies, including political risk.

All our warehouses will be built in an ecologically responsible manner, as we will always aim to minimize our carbon footprint. Construction in rammed earth will be privileged as it has precious heat-isolation benefits and will refrain us from importing construction materials. Solar energy will obviously be privileged for our constructions worldwide.